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Warranty Policy

Suoge Electronics Co., Ltd. has a strong technical support team, providing users with comprehensive and diversified technical support and pre-sale and after-sale services, including system integration solutions, technical consulting, software and hardware training, and various application software and hardware On-site installation, commissioning, training and maintenance.

【Pre-sales advice】

Provide professional product knowledge consultation and solution design to users and agents.

[Installation, commissioning]

Provide customers with installation and commissioning services. The standard of this service is: We will arrange on-site consulting, installation and commissioning services by professional engineers. The acceptance of the service is based on the system achieving the expected performance and functions, and obtaining customer satisfaction and approval.

[After-sales service]

Our company provides one year warranty service for products and systems; contract warranty service can be provided outside the warranty period:

After-sales technical support hotline

If the customer has any technical questions about the system covered in the contract, they can call the 24-hour service phone (4006060302) at any time during working hours (8:30 AM-5:00 PM, Monday to Friday, except public holidays), we will pass Phone to help customers solve problems in a timely manner. After receiving the customer's call, our after-sales service center will first diagnose whether it is a software problem. If it is a software problem, it will be resolved by phone. If it is a hardware problem, it will respond within four working hours and make it within two working days. On-site response. For problems that cannot be solved on site, the faulty equipment should be returned to the company and returned to the customer after the equipment is repaired.

2. Service time

* If our service center has replacement parts, the problem must be resolved within two working days.
* If our after-sales service center does not replace the spare part and the relevant manufacturer's spare part center has the spare part, the problem must be resolved within seven working days.
* If the spare parts center of the relevant manufacturer does not have the spare part, and the relevant manufacturer's warehouse has it, the problem must be resolved within 30 working days.
* For on-site service, our after-sales service center guarantees that 90% of the problems can be resolved on the same day, and the remaining problems will be resolved within 5 days.
* When a special accident occurs and the repair time exceeds an acceptable level, we will promptly handle the problem and seek the necessary technical and management support through the global service support network of the relevant manufacturer to significantly reduce the impact on customers.

3. Project Management

We will set up a special project management team for the client project, and will assign a project manager to be responsible for single-point contact and unified coordination with the client on project implementation, change management, and after-sales service. The project manager is responsible for coordinating and organizing abundant resources to provide customers with the best service. The project manager will record the after-sales service of the customer project, including fault registration, replacement of spare parts and completion of service measures, etc., and maintain timely communication with the user. It is hoped that the customer will also assign a dedicated liaison representative. In order to communicate and cooperate with our project manager as the client's representative when the client project needs professional support and maintenance. During the entire process of maintenance and service execution, he will be responsible for the reasonable deployment of resources and strive to minimize the impact of the entire after-sales service implementation project on the user's business.

4. Project management

Provide users with system maintenance technical information on a regular basis, so that users can obtain the latest system maintenance technology in a timely manner, and reasonably allocate and maintain resources.

5. Create technical files for each user

Establish a technical file for each user to facilitate timely communication with users and better serve users.

6. System optimization

Optimize the system for users, make the system run in the best state, and maximize the performance of the system.

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