National Service Hotline: 021-67756215 67756203

Looking to the future
We will always be consistent, fulfill our mission, and make unremitting progress towards the goal of a first-class intelligent technology company!
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Shanghai Headquarters

Mobile / WeChat: 13917107443
Phone: 021-67756203
Fax: 021-67756215
Email: 99027943@qq.com
Factory address: Baijixing Industrial Park, No. 51 Maosheng Road, Songjiang District, Shanghai


Contact: Manager Yang
Phone: 13910387923
Phone: 010-67882571
Fax: 010-67882571
Email: 99027943@qq.com
Address: No. 14 Development Road, Archway, Yizhuang Development Zone, Beijing


Contact: President Zhu
Phone: 0797-8365688
Phone: 13979736858
Email: 99027943@qq.com
Office Address: No. 8 Ruijin Road, Ganzhou, Jiangxi


Contact: Manager Yu Mobile / WeChat: 18221899380
Email: 871404363@qq.com
Address: Tianfu Maker 1004, Tianfu New District, Chengdu


Contact: Manager Zhang
Mobile / WeChat: 18917190002
Email: 2311969726@qq.com
Address: Room 1316, Block B, Liji Building, 91 Jinzhai Road, Shushan District, Hefei


Contact: Mr. Yang
Mobile / WeChat: 18964891636
Email: 615674362@qq.com
Address: Room 506, Unit 1, Building 3, Kaitong International City, Chaoyang Road, Furong District, Changsha


Contact: Miss Yu
Mobile / WeChat: 18221899380
Email: 871404363@qq.com
Address: Building 1011, No. 21 East Third Road, Heping Road, Beilin District, Xi'an

Affiliate Agent

Join conditions:

Enterprise units that can independently bear civil liability;

Have rich technical experience and background in the security industry or smart tourism industry;

Have considerable experience and ability in providing customer service;

The company has more than two business development personnel;

The company has more than two technical support staff;

Can independently issue legal and valid service tickets for users you develop;

Can provide users with necessary technical services and consulting services;

There should be a fixed service location;

Submit a copy of the company's business license and sign a cooperation agreement;

Soge supports:

Free full product information

Free software and hardware sales and technical staff training

Provide remote installation instructions or on-site installation services

Provide franchisee local customer resources

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