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Looking to the future
We will always be consistent, fulfill our mission, and make unremitting progress towards the goal of a first-class intelligent technology company!
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Company Profile

Shanghai Suoge Electronics Co., Ltd. is located in Songjiang, a long-standing and talented "root of Shanghai", a modern technology enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Relying on the scientific research strength of Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology, we are committed to Provide customers with intelligent access control equipment, automatic ticket check system for tourist attractions, station and terminal self-check ticket system, BRT rapid transit management system, kindergarten security transfer system, attendance and access control system, library museum ticketing system, face recognition channel system, etc. High-performance products and services.

Since its establishment in 2007, Suoge has deeply cultivated integrated solutions in various fields. With different styles of gate products and innovative ticketing systems, it has continuously satisfied the security and ticketing requirements of customers in various industries, and has made every effort to improve the travel experience and protect personnel and property. Safety. Suoge face recognition equipment, three roller gates, swing gates, wing gates, quick pass doors, sliding doors, full-height revolving gates, half-height revolving gates, self-service ticket vending machines and other intelligent devices, in quality, performance, and functions And appearance are aimed at world-class products to ensure that the product is in the leading position in terms of concept and quality, and strive to build a well-known brand.

Suoge has a senior technical, R & D, management and installation service team to ensure that each product has excellent quality, safe and stable operation, and continues to create value for customers. Suoge fully understands the customer's differentiated needs, and continuously launches diversified gate products based on different industry characteristics, market applications, consumption levels and price positioning. It is widely used in corporate units, financial and medical, school venues, scenic theaters, and hotel clubs. , Intelligent communities, commercial buildings and other fields, with excellent quality and perfect service to win the praise of many customers and the industry.

Suoge always adheres to the business tenet of quality-oriented, honest management, pioneering and innovative, and the pursuit of excellence, open sharing, sustainable development, and win-win progress with all partners, and is determined to become a well-known brand enterprise of intelligent security and ticketing system customization services.

company culture

  • Vision

    Create a first-class brand
    Evergreen Enterprise
  • mission

    Creating happiness for employees
    create value for customers
    Creating benefits for society
  • purpose

    Quality first
    Business integrity
    The pursuit of excellence
  • service

    Attentive service
  • team

    Equality, collaboration
    Communication and tolerance
  • core value

    people oriented
    Customer success


Senior technical management team:
Many professional technical engineers and high-quality managers with bachelor degree or above, with professional technology and exquisite craftsmanship, continue to develop and produce innovative products. Meet the individual needs of customers in various industries



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  • Mrs. Le

    • 2017-5-10

      To solve the congestion in scenic spots, intelligence is imminent
      There is no doubt that with the development of smart cities, the call for "smart scenic spots" has gradually become a topic of concern to everyone.
    • 2017-5-9

      Imagination brought by NFC technology to mobile phone access control system
      After the access card is digitized (turned into a digital certificate), it can be easily and securely sent to the mobile phone or other mobile device of the specified user, and then the life cycle of this digital certificate is managed through the mobile network and the cloud.
    • 2017-5-10

      Application of NFC technology in security access control and inspection
      In the security industry, the most closely related to NFC is the access control gate system. Embedded installation is convenient and quick.
    • 2017-03-07

      How to develop subway gate opportunities in the future
      The subway gate is used in every subway. It is one of the necessary equipment for the subway. Because the manual operation is too slow, the gate is very popular. The subway tunnel gate can be divided into entrance and exit ticket gates by function Both. According to the requirements of the user and the occasion of use, the blocking device of the subway access gate can be divided into the gate type and the pole type.
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