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Introduction to fingerprint access control gates and overview of identification methods
指纹门禁 闸机的使用越来越多,越来越广泛,特别是在公司上班的地方使用的最多,出入口门禁安全管理系统是新型现代化安全管理系统,它集微机自动识别技术和现代安全管理措施为一体,它涉及电子,机械,光学,计算机技术,通讯技术,生物技术等诸多新技术。 We know that fingerprint access control gates are used more and more widely, especially in places where the company works. The entrance and exit security management system is a new modern security management system, which integrates microcomputer automatic identification technology and modern security. Management measures as a whole, it involves many new technologies such as electronics, machinery, optics, computer technology, communication technology, biotechnology. It is an effective measure to solve the security prevention management of the entry and exit of important departments. Applicable to various confidential departments, such as banks, hotels, computer rooms, armouries, confidential rooms, offices, intelligent communities, factories, etc. With the rapid development of digital technology and network technology, today's access control technology has developed rapidly.
The fingerprint access control gate is an intelligent management system that is embedded in the entrance and exit gates, and implements operations such as release, rejection, and recording of personnel's entry and exit through fingerprint verification. As a gate access control, intelligent building system, and high security entrance The purpose of the security access control in the management and other places is to effectively control the access of personnel, and to record the details of all access, to achieve the security management of the access. Fingerprint access control uses human biometric fingerprints for identity security identification. It has the characteristics of being irreplaceable, non-repeatable and unique.
Fingerprint access control machine replaces the traditional key with your finger. When you use it, you just need to lay your finger flat on the acquisition window of the fingerprint acquisition device to complete the unlocking task. The operation is very simple and avoids other access control systems (traditional mechanical locks, password locks). , Identification card, etc.) may be forged, misappropriated, forgotten, deciphered and other disadvantages.
电控锁 和电源等组成。 The hardware of the fingerprint access control system is mainly composed of a microprocessor, a fingerprint identification module, a liquid crystal display module, a keyboard, a real-time clock / calendar chip, an electric lock and a power supply. The microprocessor acts as the upper computer of the system and controls the entire system. The fingerprint recognition module mainly completes the functions of collecting, comparing, storing and deleting fingerprint features. The liquid crystal display module is used to display information such as door opening records, real-time clock and operation prompts, and forms a man-machine interface with the keyboard.
According to system functions, the software is mainly composed of fingerprint processing module, liquid crystal display module, real-time clock module and keyboard scanning module. The fingerprint processing module is mainly responsible for the information processing of commands and return codes between the microprocessor and the fingerprint recognition module; the LCD display module writes a driver according to the timing of the LCD display module to achieve the purpose of displaying Chinese characters and characters; the real-time clock module is based on the clock Timing of chip, write communication program. Realize the read and write operation of the clock chip; the keyboard scanning module is to write the keyboard program according to the design principle of the keyboard to identify the presence of key movements and the number of keys pressed.
According to the operation process, the software is mainly composed of four parts: fingerprint door opening procedure, fingerprint management procedure, password management procedure and system setting procedure. Among them, fingerprint management, password management and system settings are only available to administrators. The fingerprint management program consists of four parts: registering the fingerprint template program, deleting the fingerprint template program, clearing the fingerprint template program, and viewing the door opening record program; the password management program consists of the password modification program and the password door opening program; the system setting program consists of the time setting program and The date setting program consists of two parts. The above is the related knowledge of fingerprint access control machine introduced by Xiaobian. The following briefly introduces the identification method of fingerprint access control machine.
Identification method of fingerprint access control machine
At present, the attendance and access control host equipment are basically the same in identifying this. The mainstream on the market are divided into the following categories:
One: Fingerprint Time Attendance: This is the most commonly used method for everyone, a bit is that the recognition effect is good and the speed is fast, but there are situations where some people cannot use it.
ID卡 考勤:目前还是有很多的客户都是在使用ID卡来考勤,好处速度非常快,并且可以在公司组成一卡通的模式,但是存在于员工代打卡的现象。 Two: ID card attendance: At present, many customers are using ID cards for attendance. The benefits are very fast, and they can form a card mode in the company.
人脸识别 考勤机:目前这个设备的也是近两年国内才开始普及的,好处的身份识别的唯一性,但是存在于对使用环境的限制,不能在户外光照度过高的地区以及不能在户外使用。 Four: Face recognition time attendance: At present, this device has only begun to be popular in China in the past two years. The uniqueness of the benefits of identity recognition exists, but it exists in restrictions on the use environment. It cannot be used in areas with high outdoor light levels and in Use outdoors.
Five: Iris recognition: At present, iris recognition equipment is mainly produced by Korean and American manufacturers, and currently there are fewer domestic manufacturers of iris. Such equipment is too expensive and rarely used where non-security levels are required.
Six: Finger Vein Identification: The method used to identify human venous blood vessels can completely eliminate false fingers. It is a biometric device. At present, it is mainly produced by Japanese manufacturers, and some domestic manufacturers produce it. However, the device recognition speed is slow, and it is not suitable for large-scale crowd use.
In summary, I have said so much, mainly the overview of the fingerprint access control machine and the introduction of the identification method of the fingerprint access control machine. I hope that everyone will know its theoretical knowledge when encountering similar problems in the future.
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