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What is the AFC system?

自动 The full name of AFC system is Automatic Fare Collection System, which is an automatic (包括半自动售票)、自动检票以及自动收费和统计的封闭式自动化 网络 Closed automated network of ticket sales (including semi-automatic ticket sales), automatic ticket checking, and automatic charging and statistics System . Automatic Ticket Checking System (AFC) is an automated system based on computer, communication, network, automatic control and other technologies to realize the entire process of rail transit ticket sales, ticket checking, billing, charging, statistics, sorting and management. Rail transit in economically developed cities abroad has generally adopted this management system and has developed to a fairly advanced technological level. The automatic ticket checking equipment of urban rail transit stations in China originally came from foreign countries. In recent years, China has carried out a large number of research and development work, proposed various forms of products, and the technical level is also continuously improved. The development of the domestic rail transit AFC system has gone through a process from scratch. With the development of computer technology and software, the technology of China's urban rail transit AFC has been integrated with the city's card to achieve the city and even the city's card.

city 自动售 City Rail Transit (AFC)的结构进行了层次划分,共分为车票、车站终端设备、车站计算机系统、线路中央计算机系统、清分系统五个层次。 The structure of the ticket checking system (AFC) is hierarchically divided into five levels: ticket, station terminal equipment, station computer system, line central computer system, and sorting system.
Hierarchy 是按照全封闭的运行方式,以计程收费模式为基础,采用 The structure is based on a completely closed operation mode, based on a toll collection model, and uses non- 为车票介质的组成原则,根据各层次设备和子系统各自的功能、管理职能和所处的位置进行划分的。 The contact IC card is the composition principle of the ticket media, and is divided according to the functions, management functions and locations of the equipment and subsystems at each level. The five-story structure type currently determined is based on China's national conditions and urban development status, taking into account the characteristics of rail transit construction (such as multiple and complicated lines, long construction cycles, multiple owners, etc.), and has a certain Scalability. The functions and requirements that must be implemented at each level are as follows:
The first layer --- the ticket is the fare payment medium held by the passenger. It specifies the physical characteristics, electrical characteristics, and application documents of the two types of stored-value cards and one-way tickets. 以及安全机制等技术要求; Technical requirements such as software organization and security mechanisms;
终端 Second floor --- station terminal 安装在各车站的站厅,直接为乘客提供售检票服务的设备,规定了车站终端设备及其运营管理的技术要求; The equipment is installed in the station halls of each station, and the equipment that directly provides ticket sales services for passengers, specifies the technical requirements for station terminal equipment and its operation and management;
The third layer is the station computer system. Its main function is to monitor the status of terminal equipment at the second layer and collect the transaction and audit data generated by the station. 、运营管理及系统维护管理的技术要求; According to the technical requirements of management , operation management and system maintenance management;
数据 The fourth layer --- the central computer system of the line, its main function is to collect the transaction and audit data generated by the AFC system of the line, and to collect this data 城市轨 Teleport to city rail 清分系统,以及与其进行对帐,规定了对该线路的车票票务管理、运营管理及系统维护的技术要求; The road traffic clearance system, and the reconciliation with it, stipulates the technical requirements for ticket management, operation management and system maintenance of the line;
城市一 The fifth layer is the sorting system, whose main function is to unify various operating parameters within the AFC system of urban rail transit, collect transaction and audit data generated by the AFC system of urban rail transit, perform data sorting and reconciliation, and be responsible Connecting Urban Rail Transit AFC System with City One 清分系统,规定了对车票管理、票务管理、运营管理和系统维护管理的技术要求。 The cartoon sorting system specifies the technical requirements for ticket management, ticket management, operation management and system maintenance management.
At the automatic ticket gate 系统中,需要多串口应用,例如车票自动吞吐口、 非接触 Multi-serial port applications in machine systems, such as automatic ticket throughput, non-contact 、用于显示提示信息的显示屏、阻挡装置控制器、中心控制器、报警器等等,同时需要 Type IC card , display screen for displaying prompt information, blocking device controller, center controller, alarm, etc. 、USB接口与系统终端进行信息通讯。 The port and USB interface communicate with the system terminal.

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