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One ID: perfect combination of ID card and face recognition gate

We often see that the lack of documents in the management of the staying company caused minor troubles, which not only caused troubles to customers, but also caused troubles to corporate security personnel. This is a question of fact. Some people have proposed a unified authentication system that perfectly integrates document recognition and face recognition gates, effectively solving this problem.

The unity of witnesses is, literally, the face and the information on the identity card of the person are the same. Face recognition and ID card identification are tested by a person-card-in-one verification system, and it is determined that I and I have my own ID card, that is, the information of the two is consistent.

First, the working principle of the integration of witnesses and witnesses

The working principle of the witness-in-one application scenario: "First, the face image or video stream is collected through the front-end camera. The system can automatically detect and track the face in the image or dynamic video, and use a series of related technologies to collect the face image. The image is subjected to face positioning and quality inspection. Finally, the pictures obtained on the spot are cross-referenced with the extracted ID information to ensure the consistency and legality between the holder and the ID.

Second, the identification principle

There are many types of identification of documents, the most common and most secure is to identify personal identification cards, which facilitates the retention of customer information by enterprises.

Scan the document picture, and then identify and extract the document information (such as name, gender, ethnicity, date of birth, address, document number, etc.) and the avatar to generate the document text information and the picture.

The combination of witness and witness, face recognition is an inevitable choice for security under modern science and technology. The witness-unified identity verification system based on face recognition technology can work even without affecting efficiency. The forgery and fraudulent use of information are avoided, the security of the information is increased, the integration of witnesses and witnesses is more reliable, the integration of witnesses and witnesses is more flexible, and the integration of witnesses and witnesses is faster.

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