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How to maintain and maintain the three roller brake

The maintenance of the three-roller brake is very important. Like the automobile, the three-roller brake requires maintenance and maintenance. The maintenance and maintenance of the three-roller brake directly affects the service life of the three-roller brake. Therefore, three-roller gates must be regularly maintained and maintained, and must be done as requested. Many users seldom maintain it or even do not maintain it. When the machine breaks down, they think of the manufacturer and then change the parts. This is often caused by small mistakes, and there is usually no maintenance. A small amount of problems will affect the operation over time. Therefore, users must recognize the importance of maintenance of the three-roller gate when using it. General maintenance pay attention to the following points:


I. External maintenance


不锈钢做成,每周一次表面清洁,去掉锈斑点,用软布和化石粉将机箱表面擦亮,涂上防锈油,刚涂上的防锈油不要用手擦,等3-5小时自然烘干即可手接触,否则会毁坏外表防锈的效果。 Suoge three-roller brake is made of domestic SU304 stainless steel. The surface is cleaned once a week to remove rust spots. Use a soft cloth and fossil powder to polish the surface of the chassis. Apply anti-rust oil. Do not use the hand Wipe and wait for 3-5 hours for natural drying to touch by hand, otherwise the appearance of rust will be destroyed. 力多贝"停止修复。 If the surface is sprayed, the surface dust is wiped off, and there are exposed scratches, use the same color paint to make up, or use the " Lidobe " of the car to stop repairing.


Movement maintenance


The movement is the heart of the machine and must be maintained. It is generally maintained once a month. Turn off the upper cover to cut off the power supply, clean the dust on it, and clean the drive part first and then add butter or high-concentration engine oil. ,以上间隙及时改换,正常间隙(1-1.5mm) ,电磁阀阀芯内恰当加黄油或机油,使电磁阀在左右运动是减少阻力,得到光滑,不得加太多,要适度。 Check whether the fasteners are loose. Tighten the fasteners and check the wear of the consumables. The positioning arm and the positioning disc exceed 3mm . The above clearances should be changed in time. Normal clearance (1-1.5mm) . Properly add butter or oil to the valve core, so that the solenoid valve moves to the left and right to reduce resistance and get smooth. Do not add too much, and it should be moderate.


3. Partial maintenance of the circuit. According to the previous operating conditions, see if there is a problem with the electrical control part. If there is no problem, check whether the power supply is exposed and bandaged, and the wires are arranged. Brake statement, check the parameters of each department. If there is a problem, you must follow it to find the source of the problem and replace individual electronic components.


Fourth, the above maintenance must be maintained by a special person, especially the electrical control of the local maintenance, to be trained professionals, a thorough understanding of the principles of electrical control, before they can operate.
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