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Imagination brought by NFC technology to mobile phone access control system

来源: 物联之家 Release time: 2017-5-9Source : ⎝⎛im体育娱乐⎞⎠ of Things

NFC技术如何透过可携式设备应用在人类生活中呢? Mobile phone is a necessary carry-on item, which gradually replaces the original life objects, including keys, access cards, credit cards, tickets, etc. How can NFC technology be applied to human life through portable devices?

NFC (Near Field Communication) is not a new technology, but recently there are more and more issues related to applications. Especially when the topic of third-party payment methods is being heated up, everyone is suddenly concerned that In the case of non-contact machines, they can sense each other and achieve the purpose of payment, which is the use of NFC technology. The most typical example is the bus card. What is NFC technology and where is its application level?

What is the reason for the development of NFC? NFC evolved based on the integration of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) and interconnection technology. This is a development and innovation of non-contact technology and RFID technology . Distance wireless communication technology standard.


The basic applications of NFC technology can be divided into the following 4 categories:

Through contact, such as access control, tickets and tickets, users only need to bring the mobile device with the ticket or gate password stored near the reading device.

Contact confirmation, such as mobile payment, the user confirms the transaction by entering a password or just accepting the transaction.

Contact connection, such as connecting 2 built-in NFC devices for point-to-point data transmission, such as downloading music, mutual picture transfer and synchronous exchange of address books, etc .;

Contact browsing. An NFC-enabled device can seamlessly and conveniently browse information stored in another NFC-enabled device.

At present, NFC is widely used in mobile phones. It is not new to use mobile phones to sense other devices for wireless transmission. However, because mobile phones are already indispensable for modern people , applications that extend from mobile phones equipped with NFC functions are increasingly The wider . In terms of smart buildings , what are the current applications of NFC in access control systems?

NFC technology applications are ubiquitous, and the future development of the Internet of Things is worth looking forward to

After the access card is digitized (turned into a digital certificate), it can be easily and securely sent to the mobile phone or other mobile device of the specified user, and the life cycle of this digital certificate is managed through the mobile network and the cloud. Personnel need to enter and exit the building, and the management unit can send a "temporary" access control certificate to these staff. When the set time comes, the access control certificate will be invalidated, and security will no doubt be a concern.

With the popularity of NFC, digital pass cards / credentials can be pre-loaded or downloaded to the mobile phone, or simply attached to the mobile phone or wallet with an NFC tag. When users open the door with an NFC mobile phone, they can simply touch it with their mobile phone. Access control is like a traditional card. At present, many European restaurants have also adopted NFC door locks. The hotel will send the NFC key to the guest's mobile phone before the guest check-in, and the guest can open the door with his mobile phone directly to the designated room on the day of booking. Check-in at the counter.

We can even predict that in the near future, NFC will make the access control disappear on the door. The user only needs to touch the NFC tag on the door through the mobile phone, and the system will put the door's position (or ID) and user credentials and visitors. The positions are combined to serve as a request to the access control system to open the door.

In addition, the administrator of the access control system can also change the access card with different functions at any time through the NFC mobile phone. Under different crisis processing conditions, send different levels of instructions to the access control system to lock or unlock an area. Access control to divert people.

What kind of development trends will NFC have in the future?

NFC has been slowly integrated into a part of the IOT (Internet Of Things, Internet of Things) world by an independent technology and application. The Internet of Things refers to everything connected to the network, ranging from smart thermostats, garage doors, to toothbrushes, heartbeat sensors, and even furniture and light bulbs in the house.

The IoT system collects data related to user habits and usage patterns, connects to an application (APP), and provides it to the cloud or big data server for data analysis to improve the quality of life of users, and even provide products The use and consumption information of manufacturers gives manufacturers the ability to predict consumer demand and improve product quality.

NFC, as the initiator of the start and connection, plays an important role in helping the device or sensor to instantly pair with the Bluetooth or WIFI device of the mobile device. Of course, the most important of NFC are payment functions, such as Google Wallet and Apple Pay. However, the potential problem and challenge of NFC is how to improve its security without reducing and affecting the user experience.

The more mature any technology is, the less chance we will actually see it, because it will be embedded in different technologies and applications, and then everywhere.

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