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To solve the congestion in scenic spots, intelligence is imminent

来源: 索葛电子 Release time: 2017-5-10Source : Soge Electronics

智慧景区解决方案 也逐渐走入景区管理者和旅游专家的视野。 According to statistics, most people give up long-distance tours and choose to play in the surrounding scenic spots, but everyone also inevitably encounters the embarrassment of "watching people and mountains". Traveling should be a happy thing. Most of them Tourists are either blocked in the scenic area or on the way to the scenic area. Similar "pain points" frequently appear, which makes tourists put forward new requirements for the management of the scenic area, such as where is the nearest toilet, and whether there is an empty parking lot in the nearby parking lot. What time can the transportation to the next attraction come, how far is the specialty restaurant from the current location, how many people are waiting in line, how long is the waiting time ... These subtle service requirements can no longer be met by traditional methods, no doubt, With the development of smart cities, the call for "smart scenic spots" has gradually become a topic that everyone is paying attention to, and smart scenic spots solutions that can solve many pain points at one time have gradually entered the scenic area managers and tourism experts. Vision.

In the "Internet +" today, many problems faced in tourism management urgently need the help of big data. How to promptly send tourists all kinds of information about the scenic spot, how to know the popularity of the crowd and promptly command and dispatch, how to manage the scenic spot, roads, and facilities related data, these are the difficulties that need to be overcome in the transformation of more traditional scenic spots in China. It is against this background that the concept of smart scenic spots came into being. The so-called smart scenic spot solution aims to create a complete and mature smart scenic spot, which can be upgraded intelligently from various aspects such as communication, security, transportation, and consumption methods. Based on the most basic needs of tourists, it integrates intelligent software and hardware equipment to form an ecological circle that covers intelligent factors from the individual's clothing, food and accommodation to the operation of the scenic area.
智慧景区解决方案 就是通过软硬件技术跨界整合,实现了景区资源的自动感知、移动互联的游客服务、动态可视的安全管理、大数据分析的商务营销等目标,从而提升景区智能化的水平,解决游客与景区运营商的种种“痛点”。相信随着智慧城市的崛起,越来越多的有识之士会投入到这片蓝海中。 From the perspective of industry trends, smart scenic spot solutions have gradually moved from single content information management to service-oriented integrated services, from internal informationization to "Internet +", and in the process, software and hardware Cross-border integration is the most critical link. The solution of the “Suoge” Smart Scenic Area is the cross-border integration of software and hardware technologies, which realizes the automatic sensing of scenic area resources, mobile and connected tourist services, dynamic visual security management, and big data analysis business. Marketing and other goals, thereby improving the level of intelligence in the scenic spot and solving the various "pain points" of tourists and scenic spot operators. I believe that with the rise of smart cities, more and more people of insight will invest in this blue ocean.
智慧景区 管理解决方案不啻为一剂良药,具备相应技术优势的企业,无疑也在推动城市全面智能化之路上肩负了更多的责任与使命。 According to the data from China Tourism Academy, the total number of tourists received in China last year exceeded 4.1 billion, and the number of tourists has soared. The era of large individual tourists has arrived, but currently there are many deficiencies and difficulties in the management and operation of scenic spots in China. Scenic facilities have low effective utilization, low energy conservation and environmental protection, untimely information transmission, outdated management methods, single profit model, etc., which directly result in poor experience for tourists and difficult management of scenic spots. Therefore, it is urgent to provide excellent intelligent solutions for promotion. Power and solution, smart scenic area management solutions are not only a good medicine, but companies with corresponding technological advantages will undoubtedly shoulder more responsibilities and missions on the road to promoting the overall intelligentization of cities.

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