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How to develop subway gate opportunities in the future

来源: 索葛电子 Release time: 2017-03-07Source : Soge Electronics

The subway gate is used in every subway. It is one of the necessary equipment for the subway. Because the manual operation is too slow, the gate is very popular. The subway tunnel gate can be divided into entrance and exit ticket gates by function Both. According to the requirements of the user and the occasion of use, the blocking device of the subway access gate can be divided into the gate type and the pole type.

Subway access gates are used to realize automatic ticket checking and access control; highly reflect the quality of service and management level; it can make the management of ticketing and accounting systems faster and more accurate, to prevent omissions caused by manual ticket checking; Used in conjunction with the AFC system, it can also achieve a speed management system with the goal of joint operation and management of ticket sales, services, etc.

Subway access gate features:

1. Effectively control the passage in and out behavior.

2. The subway gate can be set according to the traffic volume of the passage, which can easily set the passage mode (two-way, one-way, normally open, normally closed).

3. A variety of information display (channel indication, ticket information display, alarm sound and light reminder).

4. The subway gate brake has self-testing, self-diagnosis, automatic alarm functions, microcomputer control, and fault codes are displayed in case of failure.

5. Exquisitely imitated subway style, all stainless steel and plastic mold making, beautiful appearance.

Subway gate

6. The overall modular design of the subway access gate is convenient for maintenance and installation.

7. Humanized traffic direction indication, one-way and two-way traffic directions are optional, and the direction indicator of the subway gate shows the current traffic status of the equipment;

8. Have reliable security protection measures;

9.The entire system of the subway gate is smooth and stable, with low noise and good stability;

10. With alarm prompt function, convenient for user maintenance and use;

11.The subway gate brake machine is made of 1.5MM thick stainless steel plate and plastic mold;

12. Has strong anti-trailing data analysis capabilities, subway gates can effectively calculate the presence or absence of trails when passing, preventing unauthorized personnel from trailing authorized personnel through the gate;

13. Subway access gate high-brightness traffic indicator, suitable for outdoor environment;

14. The subway gate brake has the function of self-checking and alarming, which is convenient for users to maintain and use;

15. The system adopts real-time data acquisition mode, and the subway gates ensure timely transmission and processing of data.

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