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Application of NFC technology in security access control and inspection

来源: 索葛电子 Release time: 2017-5-10Source : Soge Electronics

When talking about the NFC function in mobile phones, most people are confused, because there is no environment for use, it can be regarded as the most chicken function of mobile phones, and can only be used as a slogan promoted by mobile phone manufacturers. In the past two years, NFC can be said to shine, gradually entering people's lives, and has completely changed people's lifestyle in areas such as access control, public transportation, and mobile payment.

The most closely related to NFC in the security industry is the access control system. At present, the integration of NFC technology and access control systems is mainly reflected in hardware and software. In terms of hardware, by upgrading the identification front end of the access control system (that is, the card reader), an NFC chip is required in the read head / lock of the access control. When it senses the NFC mobile phone, the NFC chip will release a password to the front end of the access control system. The card device then controls the electronic motor to allow the electronic motor to open or close the door lock. In terms of software, you should also take full advantage of the characteristics of the NFC handheld device. You must write the NFC access control instructions into the mobile phone to implement air authorization for access control. Mobile phone dial-up to open the door, reservation access, access control information query, mobile phone arming and disarming and other functions. The NFC-based access control system has the advantages that cardholders are more convenient to carry and information is more secure, and NFC technology can realize more personalized functions through mobile phone APPs.

In addition to its use in access control products, NFC is also used in some specific areas, such as patrol tasks of police and security personnel, and can also be patrolled by NFC technology. Through NFC technology, patrol personnel can hold the NFC device and swipe it in the corresponding sensing area, and this data will be displayed in the background, so that the purpose of recording inspection time and track can be achieved.

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