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Talking about how to carry out simple maintenance on three roller gate equipment

来源: 索葛电子 Release time: 2017-4-20Source : Soge Electronics

The maintenance of the three-roller brake is very important. Like the automobile, it requires maintenance and maintenance. The maintenance and maintenance of the three-roller brake directly affects the service life of the three-roller brake. Therefore, the three-roller gate must be regularly maintained and maintained at regular intervals, and it must be done as required. Many users rarely maintain it or do not maintain it at all. When the machine is broken, the manufacturer is thought of before replacing the parts. This is often caused by small mistakes, and there is usually no maintenance at all. A small problem will affect the use over time. Therefore, users must recognize the importance of maintenance of the three-roller gate in use. General maintenance pay attention to the following points:

I. External maintenance

Most of the three-roller gates are made of domestic SU304 stainless steel. Once a week, clean the exterior to remove rust spots. Use a soft cloth and fossil powder to polish the exterior of the cabinet. Wipe, wait for 3-5 hours to dry naturally and then touch it by hand, otherwise it will damage the surface antirust effect. If the exterior is sprayed, dust is removed, and there are exposed scratches, use the same color paint to make up, or repair with "Lidobe" used in cars.

Movement maintenance

The movement is the heart of the machine and must be maintained. It is generally maintained once a month, open the upper cover to cut off the power, clean the dust on it, and clean the transmission part before adding butter or high-concentration oil. Check whether the fasteners are loose. Tighten the fasteners and check the wear of the wearing parts. The positioning arm and the positioning disk are more than 3mm. The above clearances should be replaced in time. Normal clearance (1-1.5mm). Solenoid valve. Properly add butter or oil to the core, so that the solenoid valve moves in the left and right to reduce the resistance and get lubricated. Do not add too much, and it should be moderate.

Third, the maintenance of the circuit, according to the previous use, to see if there is a problem with the electrical control part, no problem, then check whether the power supply is exposed and bandaged, the wires are organized, and the wires are aging. Replace them. Check the parameters of each part. If there is a problem, follow the steps to find the source of the problem and replace individual electronic components.

Fourth, the above maintenance must be maintained by a special person, especially the maintenance of the electrical control part. Only trained professionals must fully understand the principle of electrical control before they can operate.

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