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Face recognition boarded Shanghai Airport in action for a second

来源: 安防知识网 Release time: 2017-5-9Source : Security Knowledge Network

Wu Dazhou, director of the Anti-Counterfeiting Division of the Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security, pointed out that at present, manual check-in is used at the gates of domestic airports, and there are certain security risks. How to tie up the "last fence" before boarding? The Third Research Institute of the Ministry of Public Security and Shanghai Comma Technology Co., Ltd. jointly developed face-recognition technology to develop smart gate equipment, and for the first time installed a smart "security lock" on the boarding gate.

Face recognition

Airport "safety nets" are becoming more and more intelligent, but gates are manually on duty, which is not only slow, but also difficult to completely eliminate hidden dangers. The reporter recently learned from the traffic safety passenger flow control technology seminar hosted by the Municipal Transportation Industry Association that Shanghai has developed the first domestic face recognition passenger flow safety control device for boarding gates. It only takes one second to automatically check the boarding pass. Authenticity, and confirm the passenger's true identity.

Passengers with plenty of time love to “go to the airport” before boarding the plane after security check. During the security check, the identity documents are checked at various levels to strictly confirm the identity of the passengers. After the security check, passengers can collect their ID cards or passports, and relax-just boarding pass for boarding, no more identity verification. As waiting opportunities are fully explored, shopping while waiting for planes has become fashionable. It is no longer just a rush to pass from security check to boarding, and the flow of "shopping" is also increasing.

大数据 ”。 The entire intelligent system collects passenger photos at security checkpoints and dynamically establishes the " big data " of the face of airport passengers . There are gates at the gate, and passengers only swipe their boarding passes. The small screen at the gate instantly captures the passenger appearance at this time, and instantly compares with the "big data" on the face. The whole process is only 1 second, no staff is needed, both the identity of the ticket holder is confirmed and the passenger is guaranteed to pass quickly. At present, the system's key technologies for face recognition, such as image three-dimensional modeling, occlusion reduction, and expression change recovery, all reach domestic leading levels.

Chen Biao, executive deputy director of Shanghai Research Center for Disaster Prevention Security Strategy, told reporters that "Face Recognition" gates the gates with "unified witnesses", filling the gap in airport passenger flow security control and effectively "encrypting" railway, highway, and water transport And other intelligent "safety nets" at transportation hubs. Relevant transportation departments in Shanghai are introducing the system to install the "last fence" on the airport with face recognition "security locks".

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