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Buying tips for automatic induction doors

来源: 索葛电子 Release time: 2017-03-07Source : Soge Electronics

Automatic induction door is a common speed-pass door in modern life. It is generally used in hotels, banks, hospitals and other places with a large circulation of people. The use of automatic induction doors can prevent wind, dust, and save air-conditioning energy, while improving entrances and exits. There are many types of automatic induction doors in the market. There are several tips to understand when buying.

1. Installation of access control system and electric lock: Installing an automatic induction door in a self-service bank can increase the installation of a self-service bank access control system and an electric lock in order to achieve access control.

2. Selection of sensors: In high-end hotels and office buildings, you can choose high-sensitivity sensors, because these areas have relatively large crowds and are used more frequently. Banks, shops, and other places near the sidewalk that are often passing by, choose Narrow area sensor.

3. Equipped with backup power supply: In order to ensure that the automatic door can work normally in the event of a power failure, a backup power supply can be provided.

4. Safety auxiliary device: In high-end hotels and other places, it is necessary to prevent the pinch incident of automatic doors. You can choose to install anti-pinch infrared sensors.

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