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Three-roller gate machine selection method

来源: 索葛电子 Release time: 2017-03-07Source : Soge Electronics

At present, the three-roller gate is widely used in some public places. It can be seen from government agencies, subway stations, and so on. There are many types of gates. How to choose the most suitable three-roller gates?

When choosing a three-roller gate, we must first consider the use environment on the site. It must be able to withstand the impact of various natural environments, especially the test of extreme weather. For the passage with frequent traffic, long life is an important selection attribute.

Three roller brake

The second thing to consider is the three-roller brake movement. The movement is divided into two types: mechanical and electric. The mechanical brake movement refers to the use of the brake to release the tribrach after the control is released. The root rod stays in a horizontal position after passing through the hydraulic damping device of the movement, and it needs to be released again after it is released from control. The motor core is equipped with a motor in the brake. After the three-roller brake is released from control, the tripod will move forward by an angle. When a pedestrian touches the tripod again, the motor will actively rotate the rod until the other rod. After returning to the horizontal position, complete the entire release action.

The last thing to consider is the material and process used for the three-roller gate. The material is an important indicator to determine whether a gate is solid and durable. Xunjietong Intelligent System Co., Ltd. uses a full stainless steel design. The steel plate is 304 # stainless steel wire drawing board. High nickel content (high brightness), not easy to rust, good toughness.

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